A Dramatic Day

Today was Miss Sky’s last drama class for the year. The class ends by putting on a performance for the parents. So this morning after some quiet yoga I started on breakfast. Today I made potato cakes, smoked sausage , and eggs for breakfast hoping to get little tummies full for what I knew would be a long day. Miss Sky helped with clean up and we started circle time just singing our transition song and leaf fingerplays. It was time for Miss Sky to take her spelling test and write her form drawing in her MLB. This time Miss Sky was a squirrel/snow maiden for her drama presentation entitled The Mousekin’s Thanksgiving.childrens museum 546

She had a much bigger class this time and it was fun to be around other kids that act just like her. Then it was home again to grab a snack and to get baking. We all agreed our bodies were craving something savory and warm after a week full of sweets. So I thought why not beef stew to tie in this weeks story. Each one had a job to do. Little Sis washed up the veggies.childrens museum 559

While Miss Sky peeled and mama cut them.childrens museum 561 It was teamwork at it’s best with the help of The Saint Louis Blues March playing in the background. We decided that our meal wouldn’t be complete without a loaf of crusty french bread.childrens museum 563

All that was left was to eat.

This was our last Old Testament story for a while. Next week will be How we came to be inside these clothes . We will be focusing on the fiber wool.

Wishing everyone a great weekend.


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