I Go Outside With My Lantern

I know it can not be possible but it seems to me hours are being lost during the night. I no sooner close my eyes to be awakened by the suns gentle rays telling me it’s time to start the day. Yes, the days are growing shorter and I have most definitely felt the urge to put things in order for the upcoming winter season. This to me is what makes celebrating the festivals so important. I think the Little’s have been feeling the same way I received a request to have gingerbread for breakfast. It happens to be a favorite winter treat. It never fails to amaze me how their little bodies are so connected with natures rhythm. The aroma from the oven was a quick reminder of all the festivities that will soon be here as well as the preparations. And once again I find myself looking forward to sweet potato fries. After morning clean up we started circle time, keeping with the same layout as yesterday. Little Sis has been enjoying this month’s fingerplays and it warms my heart to hear her sing during her play. Miss Sky and I played all the way through the St. Martin song on the penny whistle and believe we are ready for tomorrow. I also have kept the same rhythm for bean bag math. I think Miss Sky is finally ready to move on to the next step. I have to say I am really going to miss those cute little gnomes and may have to weave them in once and awhile. Today Miss Sky acted out the story from yesterday. She is getting really good at her retellings and seems to know exactly when to get Little Sis to laugh. Then she drew her picture in her MLB. We took a break for lunch and I made broccoli soup. We finished up the day making our lanterns for tomorrows walk. The Little’s are all ready and marched around the house singing with their lanterns. Now to go and prepare me for tomorrows storytelling.

Happy Martinmas!

childrens museum 584


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