Happy Martinmas

This morning the house was buzzing as with any festival.  The day had finally arrived. It was time to put plans in action. After running the day through my mind I started breakfast making eggs, bacon, and maple biscuits. Miss Sky helped clean up breakfast and I lit the morning candle for circle time. We sang our transition song and said our prayer then today’s circle was all about St. Martin. We sang our songs while Little Sis marched around with her lantern (she was practicing for tonight’s walk). I recited some poetry and Miss Sky and I played our song on the penny whistle. It was time for me to tell The story of St. Martin. I made sure to have 2 red silks and borrowed one of the Little’s swords for props. Little Sis’s eyes hung on every word (that’s how I know I am doing a good job). The only thing left was for Miss Sky to write her summary from The Golden Lantern in her MLB. http://www.flickr.com/photos/24734949@N04/4096624137/

The Little’s were free for a day of play. Then at sundown, it was time for our walk.childrens museum 588It couldn’t have been a better night for a walk under the stars. Back indoors we enjoyed leftover gingerbread from yesterday. I wrapped up the night telling the story of Martin’s Lantern from Festival of stones for bedtime letting them take it to dreamland.

Wishing everyone peace and warmth for the upcoming season.


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