A Clean Sweep

After a wonderful week of celebration with the Little’s, it is time to get focused back to our school work. We took advantage of the light week and downsized our home a little more. It seems we always have an ongoing bag of donations but this time we really cleaned house. Papa and I have come to an agreement if we can’t find the time to take care of it get rid of it. I use my grandmother’s house as my example. She had a cozy 3 bedroom ranch type house. Living during the depression taught her how to save and spend her money buying only what was needed to live. It was free of knick-knacks and excess furniture.  She had certain days she would do things outside or around the house and Friday’s was cleaning day. I loved grabbing a dust rag and polishing up the furniture by her side. So this week we went through and rid ourselves of unwanted clutter. Man, it feels SO good. This morning during meditation time my mind felt as clear as our house. I ran the flow of the day through my mind making sure it followed the “in and out” breathing pattern. While the Little’s dressed and started their chores I made waffles with smoke sausage for breakfast. I also put my ingredients for chili in the crockpot to simmer till lunch. After clean up, we transitioned into circle time lighting the morning candle then singing We’ll All Join In A Circle followed by prayer. Here is the rest of this months circle.

Good Morning Dear Earth

Buenos Dias

I Can Turn Myself

Circle March

I Wake Myself

Chip Chop

Acorn and Oak Poem

Five Little Leaves

The Turkey http://www.theholidayzone.com/thanks/songs.html

God’s Blessings

Over The Meadow and Through The Wood

Five Little Turkeys

The Squirrel Song

We reviewed all the songs we learned so far on our penny whistle’s and worked on the ones that still give us trouble. We took turns trying to make the bean bag in the basket with our feet changing right to left. Then we clapped out the 2, 5, and 10 times tables. Afterwards, we threw the bean bag back and forth reviewing problems from the 4 processes. For main lesson this week we will have (2 )3-day rhythms. Introducing the fiber wool today and Flax at the end of the main lesson on Wednesday. I had Miss Sky recall the last story I told of Jacob and Esau., I asked since Esau was a hunter and Jacob was a shepherd what fiber to you think their clothes were made of? I introduced the 5 fibers we will be studying this year wool, linen, leather, silk, and cotton and showed her examples of each. We looked at the tags of our clothes we had on checking to see what they were made of. Then I let her feel some polyester fiberfill. We talked about how the other 5 were taken from nature and I explained during Old Testament time clothes were either made from plants or animal hair. We talked about the steps one takes to get enough thread to make a cloak. Then I gave Miss Sky her spelling words and we marched out the spelling of each one.
















Miss Sky wrote them in her MLB. For grammar, I taught Miss Sky what a verb was. I drew a picture to go along with this poem on page 10. http://www.waldorflibrary.org/Clearing%20House/Spring%201969.pdf . Miss Sky drew her picture and copied part of the poem in her MLB. http://www.flickr.com/photos/24734949@N04/4110954438/  Then we practiced her form drawing for the week on the board, in the air, and on each other back. After our lunch break, we worked on winding our wool roving in a ball to spin tomorrow. Then Miss Sky read Charlie Needs A Cloak by Tomie Depaola and I continued reading Mountain Born.

Wishing everyone a happy Monday.


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