Battle Of Wills

This morning I found myself in a battle and hadn’t even left the bed yet. The soft sound of the rain hitting the ground lulled my mind to drift back into unfinished dreams. Little whispers coming from the other room let me know I had missed the opportunity for quiet time this morning. Pondering in my head the need of sun salutations when the sun decided to hide its self behind the clouds Steiner’s words of shaping the will  ran through my mind. Yes a late reading of one his lectures had put me in this predicament in the first place. So it should be no surprise I was hearing his reprimands. How do I expect to shape my children’s will if I can’t even self-discipline mine. We live in such a fast pace world. People never seem to have enough time to sit down together as a family anymore let alone cook a meal. Days are over  filled with so much stimulation we have become numb to the pleas of crying babes who crave the warmth of their home. Often people wonder why bees-wax modeling?  Playdoh is much easier. Why hand stitch when there are sewing machines? Wouldn’t it be simpler to buy your children’s gifts ,I mean you can’t make all of them? After realizing where I don’t want to be I decided sun salutations didn’t sound so bad after all. I even enjoyed the company. I got stated on potatoes , bacon, and eggs for breakfast. Maybe it’s the visits to all the farms but Miss Sky has found a liking to over easy eggs and has requested them everyday this week for breakfast. Together we cleaned up our morning mess and started circle time. We continued our penny whistle music review and stuck to the same clapping and bean bag routine as yesterday adding in a few more mental math problems. Today for main lesson Miss Sky taught me how to make a cloak. I explained why shearing the dog to use for her presentation was out of the question. After running me through all the steps and the dogs hair still in tact she drew her picture in her MLB. I then wrote her new vocabulary words on the board.











She looked the first five up in the dictionary. Grammar today Miss Sky circled all the nouns from her spelling list and underlined the verbs. For Spelling and form drawing she practiced her words and form in corn meal. We worked with our drop spindle today. I found a great tutorial on YouTube I read Mountain Born and Miss Sky read The Adventures of Obadiah by Brinton Turrkle for today’s storytime.

Peace to all


One Response to “Battle Of Wills”

  1. mamaacorn Says:

    LOL! No dog hair yarn today?

    Thank you for the reminder of sun salutations!

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