Checking In

This morning I woke up to find myself very unfocused to the day ahead. I tried to quiet my mind during meditation but found myself pondering the many thoughts running through my head. I have come to recognize these times as check ins. I grab my notebook and pen and start to write down the questions that seem to have my focus. How does our rhythm feel? Am I happy with this years flow? Are we falling behind? Are we doing too much? Have I seen improvement? What are we going to do about the holidays? It has always been easier to take the month of December off. I just realized that would mean next week would be our last lesson till January. We have always counted down the days of Christmas with activities centered around the holiday. Looking back at my past posts on planning out the year I find we are further behind then I like. I feel  the flow has been spot on I am just questioning how it will all play out in the end. I took a little more time to jot down my thoughts and was glad to have left overs put back for a quick breakfast. Bringing my mind back into focus we started circle time. We continued reviewing past songs on the penny whistle and added in some rhythmic clapping. We transitioned into beanbag with the clapping rhyme A Sailor Went To Sea, Sea, Sea then tossed the beanbag back and forth to the times tables without clapping them first. I added in problems from the other processes as well. For main lesson I had Miss Sky repeat the steps to make a cloak while I copied them out on the board for her to write in her MLB. She looked up the last 5 of her vocabulary words and practiced this weeks form on her chalk board. Then I told her a new story How Flax Was Given To Man  I showed her a picture of flax and took her through the steps of how to weave linen. I also told her how the flax plant can be used for rope, wicks, and linseed oil as well as cloth. I showed her an example of what linen looks like. Then we compared the two different fiber textures. I combined todays spelling and grammar by having Miss Sky write a story using all her spelling words. Tomorrow I will write it out on the board for her to copy in her MLB then have her circle all the verbs on the board from her story. We wrapped up the day in front of the fire while Miss Sky read Molly’s Pilgrim by Barbara Cohen and I finished the story Mountain Born by Elizabeth Yates. Miss Sky loved this story and continued to talk about the rest of the night. I have a feeling we will be reading it again.

Molly's Pilgrim Cover

Many blessings to all


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