One More Day

Another day successfully checked off the calendar. The Little’s excitement is hard to contain ok neither is Papa’s ,tomorrow is the day we go pick up our turkey. I was very serious about the countdown taking place in our household. This morning I let my mind wonder to all the up coming meals that one animal will provide for our family. This is why I feel so strongly about my children knowing exactly where their food came from. How much one takes for granted that at one time the food on their plate was a living creature that helped  bring nourishment to our bodies. I again took the time to count my many blessings before starting on the steel cut oats that would be our  breakfast. I also put my spaghetti sauce in the crock pot to simmer till lunch. We cleaned up our mess and started circle time. We continued working on lesson 5 with our penny whistles and Miss Sky is doing really well with her call and response. I am moving up and down the whistle now and she has a great ear for the notes. Keeping her back turned she can even repeat the many notes I am adding each time. We transitioned into beanbag with A Sailor Went To Sea, Sea, Sea and continued throwing the beanbag to the times tables. Starting first by saying the answers forward than backwards. Then I throw the beanbag saying 24 and Miss Sky throws it back saying 2 x 12. I add in addition and subtraction problems and some mental math too. Today Miss Sky told me the story back from yesterday during main lesson and she drew her picture in her MLB. I wrote her new vocabulary words on the board for her to copy.











She looked up the first five in her dictionary. Today for grammar I wrote out a prayer of thanksgiving on the board for Miss Sky to copy I found here on page 6 She circled all the verbs and found there was just one repeated several times. She practiced her spelling words and this weeks form drawing in corn meal.

We wrapped up the day after lunch with storytime I read Blossom Comes Home from James Harriot’s Treasury for Children and Miss Sky started If You Lived at the Time of Squanto by Anne Kamma.

James Herriot's Treasury for Children Cover     

Wishing everyone a happy Tuesday


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