Happy Thanksgiving

This morning I was awoken by a “Little” nudge followed by a whisper “Mom when are we going to pick up our Turkey?” I noticed it was still dark outside and didn’t even want to see what time it was.  Excitement that is usually saved for birthdays and Christmas  has carried over into picking up the Thanksgiving turkey. Reassuring her that our turkey will still be there in a couple of hours I decided to get the day started. I knew today would be a short school day due to the outings and food preparations for tomorrow so I ran the days flow through my mind then got started on breakfast. I made eggs with toast scrambling 2 extra to make chicken fried rice for lunch. I also started my rice and cut up my veggies to be ready when we got back. After clean up we “finally” headed out . We have really enjoyed our farm visits and hope one day to have our own but until then we will continue to support our local farmers as long as we are able. Once home we started a short circle time focusing on Thanksgiving. Then went right into main lesson with Miss Sky coming up with her summary and writing it in her MLB. http://www.flickr.com/photos/24734949@N04/4134172199/ She finished looking up the last of her vocabulary words and I gave her a practice spelling test. She wrote the words she missed twice each and we took our break for lunch. We finished up the day with Miss Sky reading If You Lived at the Time of Squanto and I read The Market Square Dog by James Harriot.

Wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving



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