How We Came To Be In This Room

That time of year has finally arrived. It always amazes me how you can look forward to one day for so long and it whizzes by you with a blink of an eye. I have come to the conclusion this will be our last formal week of school. Next week we will spend wrapping up our shelters block. This is such a special time of year, one that should be enjoyed with all the senses. This morning I spent some time reflecting on this weeks flow. I wrote down any ideas that might be of  use down the road, then started on breakfast making waffles and bacon. I prepared my broth and veggies yesterday and threw them in a pot to simmer for today’s lunch of turkey noodle soup.  After morning clean up we started circle time. This months circle will include these songs and fingerplays.

We’ll All Join In A Circle

Good Morning Dear Earth

Buenos Dias

I Can Turn Myself

Circle March

I Wake Myself

Chip Chop

Build A Home

Three Great Kings

Five Little Christmas Trees

The First Christmas

A Shining Star

Away In A Manger

Little Drummer Boy

Jingle Bells

We are combining Lessons 6 and 7 on our penny whistles this week. We transitioned into beanbag by playing” pitter patter little toes watch just where this beanbag goes” next tossing the beanbag into the basket with our foot. We take turns using our left then our right. Next Miss Sky and I toss the beanbag working on our times tables. I introduced 11 so we are working on 2, 5, 10 , and 11 saying the answers forward then backwards to one table at a time. I toss the beanbag saying 18 (for the 2s) and Miss Sky tosses it back saying 2×9. I add in addition and subtraction problems and a few mental math ones as well like 5×2+5/3=.  This week for main lesson we are talking about shelters. I started the lesson asking if Miss Sky knew what the very first house was ? After hinting around she guessed our body.We talked about the wetu we made Friday and compared the Native American homes to the Pilgrims. We talked about the many different types of materials there are to build a home and what determines which ones to use. This week Miss Sky will keep a weather journal charting the temperature the same time each day and drawing a picture of the moons current phase. Then we took a walk around the block  observing the houses in our neighborhood and what they were made of. We made a note every house was made of brick.  We looked to see how many houses had basements or a slab. Miss Sky took a picture of  our house and I loaded it up on the computer for her to make a copy in her MLB Next I wrote Miss Sky’s spelling list on the board (this will be our last list until after our math block).















We marched out the spelling of each letter then Miss Sky wrote them twice in her MLB. For grammar I taught Miss Sky what verbs of less action were and she drew a picture in her MLB After lunch we finished up our day with handwork and story. Each one of us has our secretive projects we are working on. Meanwhile Miss Sky read chapters 1&2 of 26 Fairmount Avenue by Tomie Depaola  and I read chapters 1&2 of The Family Under The Bridge by Natalie Savage Carlson.

Happy MondayThe Family Under the Bridge Cover      26 Fairmount Avenue (26 Fairmount Avenue Books) Cover


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