Get Rhythm

After a day of enjoying the warming sunshine this morning I awoke to a bleak , rainy day. I also awoke with a major  migraine. As I lay in bed pondering if we really needed to have school today ,I thought I would make all decisions after a hot cup of peppermint tea. My brain pounding made it very hard to run today’s flow through my mind let alone the thought of holding my head upside down in downward facing dog. I grabbed my mug and took to my favorite little nook in the couch enjoying the stillness of the house. My thoughts drifted to what left overs I had stored up to make meal times run a lot smoother and figured I could manage grits with bacon easily enough. I decided to just follow natures flow and let things happen. That alone seemed to ease the throbbing. Once I took that step back into our households rhythm there was no turning back. Breakfast was made, clean up wasn’t to bad ,I can throw some baked potatoes in the oven to be ready for lunch. I could hear  chants from the classic story repeating in my mind ” I think I can, I think I can” (am I the only one that hears lines from children’s literature constantly?) It was time for circle. The first few songs just flow naturally ,I mean Little Sis doesn’t skip a beat. While my mind pauses to think what comes next she is up and moving to the next one. For beanbag we just stuck with reviewing Miss Sky’s times tables. Next it was time for main lesson. Today Miss Sky was an architect. I had her go through our house with a clip board and make a list of everything she thought was needed to build a house. I then had her draw a blueprint on scratch paper of what she wanted her house to look like. I made a copy up on the board and together we talked about what supplies she would need. She then made a copy in her MLB Then I gave Miss Sky her new vocabulary words to copy in her MLB.











She looked up the first five in her dictionary. She practiced her spelling words with bananagrams and we took our break for lunch. We are on day 2 of our Jesse tree story and moved Mary up another star. Then Miss Sky read chapter 3 of 26 Fairmount Avenue and informed me this wasn’t her type of story. I will report back after she finishes the book to see if the review still stands. We are however very much enjoying The Family Under The Bridge and I read chapters 3& 4.

Heres to having another natural flowing day tomorrow but minus the migraine.



One Response to “Get Rhythm”

  1. mamaacorn Says:

    Love Miss Sky’s floorplan! Can she design my dream house too!?

    Hope you’re feeling better today!

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