How Did The First People Live?

Whew, what a crazy couple of days it has been for me. I can’t pinpoint the cause but I guess I was meant to have a day off. Thank goodness school was able to resume today but because of our missed day, we had to wrap up the week instead of our usual cooking day. It felt good to stretch out my muscles again this morning and to sit quietly running the days flow through my mind without any pounding. This morning for breakfast I made bacon and eggs and warmed up left over waffles. For lunch we would warm up leftover baked potatoes with broccoli and cheese so clean up wasn’t too bad. I lit the morning candle and called The Little’s to circle time with our transition song. We used the same line up of songs as Monday and continued the same lesson with our penny whistle. I transitioned into beanbag with the clapping rhyme A Sailor Went To Sea, Sea, Sea, then we tossed the beanbag back and forth counting out the answers to the timetables forwards then backward. This time we practiced division. We reviewed addition and subtraction problems and some mental math. We stated our main lesson with Miss Sky’s spelling test then I reviewed what the first house was, our body. I then asked what type of shelter she thought Adam and Eve lived in after they got kicked out of the garden of Eden. She replied a cave since they lived in the desert with no trees to build a home. I thought this was a pretty good deduction and went with her lead. We talked about cave dwellers and how they lived. Miss Sky made her picture in her MLB .

pictures 024

Then we looked up the rest of her vocabulary words. This will be her last list until after her math block. Next week we will wrap up her shelter’s block by talking about the native american and settlers homes. Starting with the east coast then we will move  across the plains and finish with the Inuits. After the main lesson, we took our break for lunch and finished with storytime. Miss Sky read chapters 4 &5 of 26 Fairmount Avenue and I read chapters 5&6 of Family Under the Bridge. Sunday is Saint Nicholas day Our Little Nature Nest has some great links to stories.

Wishing everyone a great weekend.


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