A Little Introspection

This morning I awoke to a ground covered in white, of course, it was just a dusting but it reminded me winter will soon be here.  Just the site, as beautiful as it was, made me shiver. All our preparations during autumn have paid off and I think we are ready for hibernation. I also am reminded soon I will have 2 stir crazy Little’s. It’s time to take inventory of the craft and handwork supplies. Yesterday started week 2 of Advent. “The second light of Advent is the light of plants. Plants that reach up to the sun in breezes and dance.” We updated our nature table. I love a quote I read off Seasons of Joy blog about Advent http://natural-childhood.blogspot.com/. “During Advent, we are preparing our hearts for the coming of the Christ child. Advent is a time of in-breathing and introspection. Outward all is still but inside were doing great inner work.” This is exactly the way I have been feeling lately. I have been doing a lot of inward reflecting. While the darkness comes a little earlier is my inner light shining? Does it need polishing? I made a note of these things this morning during my quiet time then started on breakfast. This morning Papa made pancakes and sausage while I cut veggies for our minestrone soup we would have later for lunch. After breakfast, Miss Sky cleared off the table and we started our morning chores. When finished I sang our transition song calling The Little’s to circle and we stayed with last weeks line up. I moved into beanbag with the game pitter patter little toes then we worked on the 2, 5, 10, and 11 times tables. First, we counted forwards and backward while tossing the beanbag to the answers of each table then worked on division. We also practiced addition and subtraction problems. Today for the main lesson we reviewed how the Wampanoag Indians lived and the resources needed to build their homes. Miss Sky drew her picture in her MLB.

pictures 025

I then had Miss Sky underline the nouns and tell me which type it was then circling the verbs. With no spelling or vocab this week we took our lunch break. We finished our day with storytime. Miss Sky read chapters 6-8 of 26 Fairmount Avenue (still not her type of book). I finished The Family Under the Bridge. This book receives 2 thumbs up and will be added to our yearly Christmas book basket.

Wishing everyone a Happy Monday.


One Response to “A Little Introspection”

  1. MamaAcorn Says:

    Beautiful nature table! I just cleared off our Autumn stuff and our table is bare, so the inspiration is much appreciated!

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