So Long Autumn

Today I have come to the conclusion I am having a bad year with starting a fire. I mean when I can’t even catch the paper on fire something is wrong. Ok at first I thought maybe the wood I am using isn’t that great but Papa seems to have no trouble. Maybe it was the little boasting I did last year when Papa was having trouble that has come to haunt me.  All I know is Papa is showing me up and has been doing a little boasting of his own. Yes we really compete over starting a fire with time trials and everything. Even my old standby using the wood chips has let me down. It’s starting to look like I am in for a long winter. One thing I most definitely will not complain about is we are warm. Jack Frost has made his presence known. So tonight for bedtime I will tell the story of The Seed Babies’ Blanket I also like to read this poem as well This morning I made pumpkin bread as a way of saying fare well to autumn and while it baked in the oven I squeezed in my yoga and meditation. After running the days flow through my mind I put together my meatballs and spaghetti sauce in the crock pot to simmer till lunch. After breakfast papa so graciously volunteered to clean up our breakfast mess , maybe feeling a little guilt from his earlier boasts, while The Little’s and I started circle time. We practiced lesson 7 on our penny whistle and transitioned into beanbag with the rainbow verse.

[Hold beanbag in right hand, throw in a rainbow-shaped arc over the head and catch in left hand.   4 throws for each line.]

the Rainbow

 Red, and orange, and yellow, and green:
The rainbow’s seven colours have a bright shiny sheen.
Light blue, indigo, and violet all told.
At the end of the rainbow is a pot of gold.

Paul King

found here

I use this to review place value red being units , orange tens and so on then moved into our time table facts. Today for main lesson we talked about the pilgrim’s first homes and compared them to the Wampanoag’s wetu’s. Miss Sky drew her picture in her MLB. Then I had Miss Sky underline all the nouns and circle the verbs from her summary. After lunch we nestled up for storytime. This time Little Sis had a request to read The Monster at the end of this book starring the lovable, furry old Grover. Even though she does not know who Grover is this book has been around since my childhood and has been a Little’s favorite. After the third time through  Miss Sky finally got to finish up 26 Fairmount Avenue. Miss Sky’s report on this story is “it’s not like it was a bad story it’s just not my type and I wouldn’t read it again.”  So there you have it. I read An Orange for Frankie by Patricia Polacco which The Little’s discovered on St. Nicholas day. Another two thumbs up for the Christmas basket.

An Orange for Frankie Cover

Sending out warm wishes to all.


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