Days 6,7,& 8 I pour ,Measure, and Mix

Yesterday I came to the conclusion we are officially on Christmas break. I felt like a load of bricks was lifted off my shoulders. When things start to feel forced and don’t flow naturally it’s time for change. I will wrap up our shelters block with our Native American block later in the year. Now it is time to enjoy the holiday season with The Little’s and today was kicked off to a good start. This morning I made eggs, bacon, and latkes in honor of Chanukkah starting tonight. I used the recipe from The Family Treasury of Jewish Holidays. I grated the potato with peel and all and they were delicious. I think they will be a regular breakfast item. After morning clean up we had circle time with just our Christmas fingerplays and songs then I read Miss Sky what Chanukkah was about from the same book. Then we prepared the gingerbread cookie dough for our snack later on.

Miss Sky is reading recipes on her own now. She read out the ingredients for me to gather and measured everything out herself (with the help of Little Sis doing the dumping). The dough takes 2 hours in the refrigerator just enough time for our craft. We decorated the pinecones from our nature walks for our Christmas tree.

This was a messy good time. The third light of Advent is the light of beasts. All await the birth from the greatest and in least. Sunday also is St. Lucia day so we went ahead and made our bird friends their gifts too.

Next was the best part cutting the cookies out.

And baking them. I could not frost them fast enough. Now to wrap the evening up with a bowl of popcorn snuggled together in front of the fire listening to A Christmas Carol on audio.

Wishing everyone a warm weekend.


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