Life in the Big Wood Orphanage

Thought I would post what we have been up to these last few days. Yesterday was spent outdoors enjoying the gift of 54-degree weather and oodles of mud. Then today it was back indoors to a high of 27. Meanwhile, our time has been spent making supplies to put back for days just like today and filled with lots of play. On rotation in the background has been Little House in the Big Woods audiobook during those quiet handwork moments along with the Annie Broadway musical soundtrack. So this morning while Miss Sky slaughtered the pig and Little Sis gathered the eggs I used the last of autumns apples to make apple coffee cake. After our usual breakfast clean up we started making blank books to have ready for those times when inspiration strikes. These are smaller versions of the MLB. The directions are similar to the ones I posted here earlier in the year The difference being after folding in half again you fold in half once more.

Then cut down the middle.This will give you 4 books to work with. I fold 6 pages of multipurpose paper to fit the books. Punch holes down the outside and bind together.

These are also a great size to make up your own early reader stories.

These have been put back ready to grab at a moments notice after scrubbing the floor and washing windows no longer seems like a fun thing to do.

Wishing everyone a happy Tuesday.


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  1. First Grade Resources « Our Journey 'Round the Mulberry Bush Says:

    […] There are not a lot of readers needed because the child is learning to read their own work they are copying into their main lesson book. We also have made a lot of handmade readers together. For example maybe we would make a reader using a particular word family like (at).  Miss Sky’s always started hers with “This is a cat”(even if we were not working on that word family). She was really into cats even though we have never owned one. Here is my post on how to make readers. […]

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