The Gift of Sun

The Little’s and I have been busy making Christmas gifts for friends, family and each other. I think this year has been my favorite so far. I quit putting pressure on myself of what I “need” to do and just have been enjoying the season of giving with my family. I love beeswax. It feels so alive whether we are modeling it or drawing with it, but especially when it is lit. Marsha Johnson from Waldorf Home Educators yahoo group wrote a magical story about The Boy Who Loved Summer. It can be found in her files section under Advent. It’s about a boy who decided to search for the warmth of summer when the season started to change. It ends with a gift of a beeswax candle from the fire fairy to remind him of the sun and it’s warmth. After I told the story to The Little’s it’s like a light went off as to what we could make this year.

As the light from each candle shines forth this upcoming season remember winter will not last forever, that the warmth of the sun will be back before we know it.

(Update) I just wanted to thank Tonya and her lovely family over at Plain and Joyful Living  for her wonderful smelling beeswax .

Warm wishes to all this winter.


One Response to “The Gift of Sun”

  1. Jennifer Tan Says:

    Lovely candles! I’ll have to check out Marsha’s story. Thanks! 🙂

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