Unschooler At Heart

I’ve always liked the word Unschooler, even though we are not. Yes I am a Waldorf groupie but there is truth in the word. I laugh while talking with other homeschooling mothers about  Christmas “breaks”. Even though our rhythm will be different these next few weeks we are never really on a break. In my opinion it’s during these” breaks” when the real learning takes place. Each day there is a new discovery waiting to be found. Miss Sky has taken it upon herself to learn cursive and is copying sentences I have written out for her. There have been new games invented.

(Picture above taken by Miss Sky)

Not to mention all the math we have used this last week baking gifts for friends and neighbors. Plays that need to be written for our Christmas eve performance. Songs being wrote with the penny whistle, and of course the discovery of a great reading spot to snuggle up in front of the fire while snowflakes quietly fall to the ground behind you unnoticed.

 Here’s to taking more breaks. 🙂


One Response to “Unschooler At Heart”

  1. OrganicSchool.com Says:

    Isn’t it the truth? My own kids have been “playing school” since Christmas vacation began–doing math, reading, and writing stuff for fun (or at the behest of whoever is playing “teacher”). The name “Unschooler” is a serious misnomer (and I’m not an unschooler either–I just think they deserve more respect!)

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