How Does Man Measure Time?

Oh, it’s time to get back into the swing of things. What a nice holiday our family had. I wish I could say I feel well rested too but it seems the more time I have the less I spend on it sleeping. As hard as I try to hold down our rhythm during the holiday the more off it seems to get. So I will be honest and say this week we will be taking baby steps to get our families rhythm back under control. I will first be focusing on same mealtimes and bedtime. I made this weeks menu out yesterday to help me keep on track. This week I am working on using the leftovers that piled up over the holidays. This morning I made bread pudding for breakfast, made our favorite winter fruit salad, and started my chicken stock for tomorrows lunch. While the bread pudding baked in the oven I stretched out my muscles and my mind with yoga and meditation. I made a list of what needed to be accomplished today to help keep me focused. Yesterday I made rice and cut up veggies for chicken fried rice that would be ready for today’s lunch. Winter has its advantages, Papa has been helping with the morning clean up leaving us free to start circle time. For this weeks circle, we will focus on Epiphany January 6th. I called the Little’s to circle with the song We’ll All Join In A Circle, we said a prayer together as a family then lit the candle and sang the rest of our circle songs.

Good Morning Dear Earth

Buenos Dias

Circle March

I Can Turn Myself

Chip Chop

Eye tracking poem Lovely Things

I read the poem January from A Child’s Calendar by John Updike

Three Great Kings fingerplay

We Three Kings song

Chubby Little Snowman fingerplay

Frosty The Snowman song

We are working on lesson 9 with our penny whistle this week. We transitioned into tossing the beanbag with A Sailor Went To Sea, Sea, Sea clapping rhyme then tossed the beanbag around to review the time’s tables. Today we started our first math block on time for the main lesson. I will be breaking this lesson down starting with the whole working down to the parts of a year. First I asked Miss Sky different ways to measure time? She answered a clock. I asked what she thought people used to measure time before clocks? She answered the sun. During Miss Sky’s shelters block, we took the temperature and she drew the phase of the moon for each night. She noticed then that the moon got bigger then smaller. We talked about the lunar calendar and how from full moon to full moon is about 29 days. We are going to chart the days at the next full moon to see. I had her copy the parts of a year in her MLB.  (She is using the same math MLB as last year).   Tomorrow we will start reviewing the 4 seasons starting winter and spring. We moved into grammar and I told Miss Sky the Story of The State of being verbs Miss Sky wrote the 8 verbs in her MLB. We will be clapping the words out to the rhythm during our circle time this week. We have no spelling or vocabulary during math blocks but instead, work on handwriting and memory work. This month we will be working with Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. from the King James Bible. Miss Sky is copying 2 or 3 verses down in her MLB a day. She will recite the verses for the rest of the month then she will present the verses for Papa and I.  I had her circle all the nouns and underline the verbs from today’s first 2 verses. Form drawing this block will be learning her capital cursive letters ( I can’t believe how I had to relearn these myself the correct way). Today Miss Sky practiced A, B, C, and D first on the board than in the air and last on each other back. After our hour lunch break, we finished up the day with story and handwork. Miss Sky and Little Sis received purses for Christmas from our neighbors so we are working on a money pouch (I am making one for Little Sis).  Miss Sky read chapter 1 from Sarah Whitcher’s Story by Elizabeth Yates and I read chapter 1 form Understood Betsy by Dorothy Canfield Fisher. I can always tell when Miss Sky likes a story. It shows one, during her play or two she talks about it the rest of the night. Tonight’s dinner conversation revolved around Understood Betsy so I think it will be another hit.


Happy back to school Monday.


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