What Does The Farmer Do During Winter?

I think it is safe to say winter has arrived with temps here in the teens for a high. Our crazy dog, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to notice the weather has changed. We have found out he is a rather social dog as all our neighbors have dogs too. Everyday Harvey goes out waiting for his friends by the fence to join him not understanding the wind chill is below zero and they don’t want to be outside. He reminds me of the Little’s during summer how I have to call for them several times to come in. He couldn’t have been better matched to our family.This morning I will admit I did not want to get up as we slowly try to get our rhythm back, but I know I am in charge of setting the flow so into the front room I went to start the day. I made another list of what I wanted to accomplish today. It seems when things are written in ink I tend to stick to them better. After taking a little more time for myself I started on breakfast making chip beef and gravy with eggs and biscuits using up the leftover corn beef from New Years. I also put my broccoli soup on to simmer until lunch. With Papa volunteering again for clean up we started our circle I came across a post from Mrs. Marsha’s group with some activities and a poem for Epiphany if anyone is interested. It is message # 9948. Working on lesson 9 with our penny whistles “we” our learning the difference between fast air notes and slow air. During beanbag we warmed up with the 2,5,10, and 11 times tables with a few mental math problems. I am working on teaching Miss Sky a rhyme to use for the 3’s. Continuing with our time math block for main lesson we talked abut the seasons winter and spring. I used this as an opportunity to talk about what the farmer might be doing during winter. Last winter we went to the maple syrup festival and Miss Sky saw how syrup is made. We talked about how they worked during the winter and that a long winter was important for a good year. We talked about what one might be doing now to prepare for spring. We are making up our diagram for our garden switching plants around, ordering seeds to start indoors soon, and making sure tools are sharpened and ready. Miss Sky copied 2 poems in her MLB .http://www.flickr.com/photos/24734949@N04/4249095206/ I found the poem here http://www.canteach.ca/elementary/songspoems4.html. We reviewed the eight state of being verbs for grammar and might toss the beanbag while naming them tomorrow during circle. Miss Sky copied verses 3 and 4 from Ecclesiastes in her MLB and practiced her cursive letters in cornmeal. She caught on to these quick and has been practicing in the evening so we will move on to the next four letters tomorrow. After our lunch break Miss Sky read from Sarah Whitcher’s Story and I read from Understood Betsy. This story was again the topic of breakfast and Miss Sky couldn’t wait for me to read more after lunch.

Wishing everyone a warm evening.


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