Fit For A King(Queen)

Today marks the 12th night or Epiphany. Even though I knew this, it seemed to slip my mind yesterday. I mean I even had the day planned just somehow forgot it was for today. So today was spent celebrating the “official” end of Christmas. After breakfast clean up we started our circle with me reading a poem I printed off from Marsha Johnson’s yahoo group ( I posted the message number in yesterday’s post). We said our three king fingerplay and sang the song We Three Kings. The Little’s took turns marching around the circle following the star, a cut out attached to a dowel rod, with their crowns and capes.

We closed circle with Miss Sky playing Star Light Star Bright on her penny whistle. Into the kitchen, we went for the best part. What would a festival be without the making of a treat? The Little’s and I prepared our Three Kings cake.

This is a special cake with a hidden whole almond inside and to whoever shall find it gets to pick out the activities for the rest of the day(within reason of course). Next, to eating, I think The Little’s favorite part was decorating the top Jackson Pollock style with three different colors. Guess who found the almond?So under command of the new” queen” mama’s handwork supplies were brought out to work on a project Little Sis has been asking for. She has a new favorite story in the rotation, yes The Three Bears have finally made its way back to the bookshelf. Colors were chosen and Miss Sky and I got to work.

After another reading of The Mitten by Alvin Tresselt, Little Sis picked out her next favorite thing.And the stars must have been lined up in her favor today because she won. The day really couldn’t have been better but to my surprise, Miss Sky taught herself how to play We Three Kings on her penny whistle. I am quite impressed by how quickly she has picked up playing.I think I am holding her back and soon she will be my teacher. Over Christmas vacation, she started writing her own songs with music but to figure out a tune to a song herself this is the first time. She just kept working with it writing down the notes she was playing and figured it out. I think it’s time for Mama to start looking into music lessons. Tomorrow is our day off for errands, we will continue with our math block Friday.

Wishing everyone a Happy Three Kings’ Day


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