Snow! Said Girl(S) With Dog

We finally got what The Little’s call real snow (more than a couple of inches). Thank goodness it was not a school day yesterday because the day’s weather report seemed ” the” only thing on The Little’s mind. It only seemed fair we should receive snow all our neighboring states were getting some, I mean, after all, it is winter. Today, however, it was time to bring our focus back to school. After reassuring The Little’s the snow would still be there tomorrow I warmed up leftover waffles for breakfast and we got the day started. We stuck with the same circle line up as Monday minus the Three Kings fingerplay and song. We continued practicing lesson 9 with our penny whistles and tossed the beanbag to the 2, 5, 10, and 11 times tables. Working whole to parts we first count the answers forwards then backward while tossing the beanbag back and forth. Then I toss the beanbag to Miss Sky saying 24 while working with the 2’s, and she tosses it back saying 2×12. We also stomped out the 3’s while walking in a circle. With each step, we whispered 1,2 then when we came to 3 we clapped and said 3 loudly at the same time. We did this clapping every 3 steps until we reached 36. We worked on some addition and subtraction problems as well as some mental math before moving into the main lesson. We finished our review of the 4 seasons during the main lesson with Miss Sky copying poems for summer and autumn in her MLB. Next week Miss Sky will make a 2010 calendar while we review the months of the year. I asked her to name the 8 state of being verbs for grammar and she finished copying all 8 verses from Ecclesiastes 3. She practiced her cursive letters from the week writing basic words like bad, dad, and cat. Her cursive writing is better than her printing. We took a break for lunch with The Little’s helping make pita pizzas. After lunch, Miss Sky finished chapter 2 of Sarah Whitcher’s Story and I read chapter 3 of Understood Betsy.

Wishing everyone a happy & warm weekend.

P.s. The Three Bears has made its way back off the bookshelf again. 🙂


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