Cycle Of A Year

Today’s flow ran a little different on account that Miss Sky had a dreaded dentist appointment this morning. So I warmed up leftover pancakes for breakfast and we headed out. She came out to report no new cavities with thumbs up. It made me proud when the dentist started naming the list of what not to eat or drink Miss Sky replied:” we don’t eat any of that stuff”. (Warning more proud mother gushing) I also always get responses to how polite and well-mannered she is which I almost always want to reply with “I know”. Strike one more tally mark for Waldorf Education, children model what they see. Now, of course, she runs around like a fruitcake at home. I made salmon into patties yesterday to be ready today for a quick-lunch and prepared almond pilaf and broccoli for the sides. After lunch, we cleaned up and I started circle time calling the Little’s with the song We’ll All Join In A Circle. Here is the line up for the rest of this months circle.

Good Morning Dear Earth

Buenos Dias

I Can Turn Myself

Circle March

I Wake Myself

Chip Chop

Eye tracking poem Lovely Things (scroll down)

Build A Home  action verse

Walking In The Snow action verse

Winter Wonderland song

Chubby Little Snowman fingerplay

Frosty The Snowman song

We started lesson 10 on our penny whistles and transitioned into beanbag playing pitter patter little toes tossing the beanbag into a basket with our foot. We first tried with our right foot then switched to try our left. We stomped out our 3 times tables while walking in a circle then passed the beanbag reviewing 2,5,10 &11. Today for the main lesson I put 5 addition and subtraction problems up on the board for Miss Sky to copy and solve then we started to review the months of the year. I helped Miss Sky make a calendar binding it together like MLB’s. I have to say I cheated and made copies of a blank grid instead of trying to make one myself.  We talked about each month and she caught on quick if the last day of January was on Sunday the first of February would start on Monday. We worked on January through March and wrote in any holidays or festivals for those months. Then Miss Sky copied verses and drew a picture for each month. I used the poem found here on page 3.

This will be her personal calendar and she will use it to chart the days from full moon to full moon. I had her underline the nouns and circle the verbs in each verse for grammar and we worked on memorizing her  Ecclesiastes verses. Form drawing today was working on the cursive capital letters E, F, G,&H. First, she practiced in the air than on each other’s backs and finally on the board. We did not take a lunch break being that we started school after lunch today and just finished the day with Miss Sky reading chapter 3 of Sarah Whicher’s Story and I read Betsy Goes To School from Understood Betsy.

Wishing everyone a happy Monday.


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