An Unexpected Delay

We had an unexpected day off from school yesterday because water was coming up from under our bathtub. Thank goodness Papa tracked the leak to a hole in one of the pipes and the problem is now fixed. So this morning I took some time running todays plan over in my mind trying not to get discouraged about being behind. After saying an extra prayer for the people of Haiti I started counting my *many* blessings while fixing breakfast. This morning I made maple biscuits, bacon, and eggs. I cut up my veggies for minestrone soup last night and put them in a pot to simmer for today’s lunch. Miss Sky helped with morning clean up then we started circle keeping the same line up as Monday’s post. We continued working on lesson 10 with our penny whistles and moved into the beanbag. Miss Sky is catching on to the 3 times tables well by stepping them out and by next week we might be ready to count them out with the beanbag. After stepping out the 3s we worked on the 2, 5, 10, and 11 times tables. Miss Sky’s mind was really focused today and we transitioned into the main lesson with me writing some math problems on the board for her to copy and solve. She put the next three months on her calendar and we talked about the different festivals that happened during that time.

Little Sis worked hard on her calendar page too.

I had Miss Sky underline the nouns and circle the verbs for grammar then she worked on her memory verses. She practiced her cursive letters in corn meal today then we took our break for lunch.

We wrapped up the day with Miss Sky reading Chapter 4 of Sarah Whitcher’s story and I read What Grade Is Betsy from Understood Betsy. I am really enjoying this story and it most definitely has carried over into The Little’s play.



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