A Grain Of Rice

This morning I woke ready to take on the day excited about the activities that awaited. Last night I read up on the history of rice so I could take the information to my sleep. I was fascinated to learn how rice came to the United States and even surprised to learn it is still grown in my home state of Missouri but of course, that is for my knowledge only to share with Miss Sky at the proper time. This morning Papa helped with breakfast making pancakes and bacon. He makes pancakes so much better than I can, go figure. Meanwhile, I cooked the rice that Miss Sky and I would use to make rice pudding. I also chopped up all the veggies to make jambalaya for today’s lunch. After breakfast, Miss Sky and I talked about the differences in rice while I remembered the information from last night.

Then we gathered the ingredients to make rice pudding.

Miss Sky’s confidence is growing in the kitchen and lately has taken great interest in preparing more meals herself. We placed everything in the crockpot to simmer for dessert later and started on morning clean up. Then I called everyone to circle with the song We’ll All Join In A Circle. We lit the morning candle, said a prayer as a family and continued with the rest of our circle. This week line up will be

Good Morning Dear Earth

Buenos Dias and Tengo dos Manos

I Can Turn Myself

Circle March

I wake Myself

Chip Chop

The Lovely Things (eye tracking poem)

Build A Home

The Mulberry Bush  http://www.kididdles.com/lyrics/m014.html

Walking In The Snow

Chubby Little Snowman

Frosty The Snowman

Little Sis was very happy to have The Mulberry Bush song added this week to circle it is one of her favorites next to Little Bunny Foo Foo. We will be reviewing songs we have learned on our penny whistle this week as our next lesson is for the month of February. We moved into beanbag today with a poem from Mrs. Marsha’s files the post is # 806 with lots of winter circle ideas. We are using Crick Crack Snip Snap!

Crick Crack Snippy Snap!
The trees are talking with their sap!
Snick Snack Trippy Trap!!
We can use our sugar tap!

Splish Splosh Mish Mash!
Syrup runs both slow and fast!
Slide Slip Stirry Flake!
Syrup sweet on my pancake!

(a clapping game….with a partner, teach the children to keep time
with this lively rhyme by clapping right hands, simple, with a
partner, or even clapping a right hand to a left hand, or stamping
with bare feet on the floor, or even clapping feet together while
sitting, the beat is 1 2 3 4 on the silly words, and this is a good
place for some dexterity work with the feet, even simple stamping of
the right foot one line, then the left foot the next, changing from
clapping or snapping of fingers, to the feet, or another sequence,
another variation might be to have all the children stand in an
inward circle and the ‘pancake’ goes around the inside, clapping
hands with each child and when the word pancake is said, the last one
touched is the new pancake!).WRITTEN BY MARSHA JOHNSON

Then we moved into stomping out our 3 times tables. We tossed the beanbag back and forth practicing the answers to the 3’s forward then backward. Miss Sky did pretty well so we moved on to the 2,5,10, and 11’s. I wrote more math problems on the board for Miss Sky to copy and solve making them a little harder this week reviewing carrying and borrowing, then moved into our main lesson block on time measurement. Miss Sky made a page for the grain of rice in her MLB.

pictures 148

We talked about helping verbs for today’s grammar lesson and Miss Sky made a chart with the list of verbs in her MLB. http://www.kyrene.org/schools/brisas/sunda/verb/1help.htm We went over her memory verse while Miss Sky marched in place (movement helps with memory). She almost has it memorized but the last 2 verses. Then we worked on the next 4 capital letters in cursive I, J, K,&L. First in the air, next on the board, then on each other’s backs. After lunch, we wrapped the day up with Miss Sky reading the first half of A grain of Rice by Helena Clare Pittman and I read Betsy Starts a Sewing Society from Understood Betsy.

Wishing everyone a happy Monday!


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