Mellow Yellow

Today Papa, Little Sis, and I were invited to breakfast made all by Miss Sky. Ok it was left over pancakes but she had warmed them up, set the table, and had our juice waiting for us. I am thinking it is a combination of working in the kitchen this week and reading Understood Betsy. I could not imagine a better story for a third grade girl. I have read on other blogs who are following Steiner’s method of education having these “How did he know?” moments but I am still amazed at how perfectly matched each years curriculum  is. I have thought back to my childhood about what age I might have been when I took that “mother” roll over my little sister. We are 8 years apart and I keep thinking I was about 10. That would have put me right in the middle of the 9 year change. It’s moments like these that make all the work Waldorf Education brings along so worth it. Since Miss Sky fixed breakfast I let her out of clean up duty and called The Little’s to circle when I had finished up. We used the same circle from Monday then transitioned into beanbag working on the 2,3,5,10,&11 times tables. Today’s main lesson was all about millet.

This grain was new to me so I picked an easy recipe in case we did not like it. I used cooked millet to make orange millet raisin bread(recipe from Feeding The Whole Family). We tried some plain to see what it tasted like and it was given two thumbs up from The Little critics who went back for more than seconds. It looks like millet will be added to more meals. It’s funny that I had never heard of millet before Feeding the Whole Family and yet it is the one of the oldest foods known to humans. While we waited on our bread to rise I copied some math problems on the board for Miss Sky to copy and solve then she made a page in her MLB for today’s grain. I wrote some sentences on the board and had Miss Sky underline the verbs and circle the helping verb if there was one then worked on her memory verses. She now has all her verses memorized and should be ready to recite next week. Little Sis wanted to put on a puppet show so we took our break for lunch and she set up while I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

She did such a great job and I always enjoy hearing what they take away from a story. After lunch we made the bread dough into loaves and let it rise again while Miss Sky practice making words with her cursive letters like ice, jet, kite, lad. Today she read A House For Hermit Crab by Eric Carle and I finished up Understood Betsy. We could not wait till tomorrow to see how it ended. Meanwhile I diffidently know what one item will be tomorrow for breakfast.

Wishing everyone a happy Wednesday


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