Comfort Food

Today I woke up so excited like a little kid on her birthday. Out of all the grains from this week today’s was the one I couldn’t wait to get here. Rye? I have a favorite comfort food, one that takes me back to childhood. As the aroma floods through the air so do all those wonderful memories of my grandparents that I have carried along with me on my journey. My comfort food couldn’t be mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese that the rest of my family could enjoy along with me. No it is sauerkraut, something that is usually saved only for my birthday since I am the only one here that will eat it. Well what does that have to do with the grain rye? I have to confess that I cheated a bit on what we would make today. I purchased  ready-made rye crackers and pumpernickel bread to use with todays recipes.Since today is not a regular school day we didn’t start  with our usual circle and jumped straight into main lesson. Miss Sky and I talked all about the origin of the grain an again find myself fascinated that it  was considered only for poor people. Yet it is one of the healthiest grains containing all its nutrients when processed. It also has the longest shelf life and a loaf can keep its freshness up to a month compared to wheat bread. Of corse I can not share my revelation with Miss Sky but I find it so interesting there is a grain that can withstand drought (millet) and is a staple food in Africa and India. Then you have a grain that can grow in snow (rye) and is a staple food of Russia. Anyhow after explaining what rye was to Miss Sky we got busy on recipe number one to eat with our crackers .  The left overs also make a great play off snack (Go Colts). While this chilled Miss Sky made a page in her MLB. Next up was the reason for todays excitement. Though I had to make it myself Miss Sky discovered she likes pumpernickel bread, but still rolls her eyes to think someone could possible like sauerkraut . That’s ok she can still enjoy the stories that go along with the meal.

Wishing everyone many happy memories.


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