The Empress and The Silkworm

Only in the state of Indiana could you turn off  your heat because yesterday was 5o degrees and today have a fire in the wood burning stove because it is 29 and snowing. I have missed the fire though, the heat is much warmer so when the stove is not going I walk around the house freezing with a sweater on even when it’s 40. This morning I spent some time in meditation running today’s story through my mind. It has been awhile since I have memorized a story and I wanted to make sure I had the facts down. I can always improvise the rest as I go. After writing down some  ideas for the week I started on breakfast. Today I made waffles and bacon. I also started my vegetable soup on the stove to simmer till lunch. After morning clean up I called The Littles’s to circle. We are using the same circle as last week (see last week Monday’s post). We continued reviewing songs we have learned on the penny whistle and moved into beanbag with the rhyme Crick Crack Snippy Snap. We stomped out the 3 times table first moving  forwards then stomped stepping backwards. Then we tossed the beanbag back and forth counting by 3s. We worked on the 2,5,10,and 11 tables this time I asked 2×4, 10×6 with Miss Sky giving me the answer. Meanwhile Papa wrote out some problems for Miss Sky to solve using division ,carrying, and borrowing. It was time for main lesson. I told Miss Sky the story of The Empress and the Silkworm by Lily Toy Hong. We talked about how the secret was kept for almost 3,000 years and the steps it takes to spin silk. I have very mixed feelings about how silk is made. On one side I think it is so cruel to heat the silkworms in the oven to kill them just to get their fiber. Then I understand that they only live long enough after hatched from the coccon to mate and lay eggs. My daughter on the other hand who is terrified of bugs happens to think  silkworms are cute and felt very sad they are being killed just for their fiber. I found this site very useful for pulling together this block and found the resources at our library.  Today for grammar we talked about adjectives and Miss Sky made a page in her grammar MLB.  Then Miss Sky went over her memory verse and she worked on the capital letters M,N,O, &P in cursive. First in the air next on the board then on each other’s back. After break Miss Sky read chapters 3 & 4 of Day of the Dragon King and I read chapters 3 &4 in Little Pear.

     Silkworms (Lerner Natural Science Books) Cover (preview for both at google books )

Wishing everyone a very safe and warm Monday.


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