A Dramatic Comedy

Man did it turn cold I thought 29 was bad ,what a surprised awaited me this morning when I woke up. I guess it is still winter after all. This morning after some quiet meditation (in front of the fire) ,I made bread pudding for breakfast with a loaf of our orange raisin millet bread left over from last week. This paired with a nice hot cup of chai tea was just what I needed to get the day started. I also pulled a lasagna I pre made out from the freezer for Papa to put in the oven for lunch today. After morning clean up I called The Little’s to circle and we continued with the same songs and fingerplays as yesterday.  While we have reviewed songs this week on the penny whistle I have noticed how much we have improved from the start of the year. Miss Sky and I can change the notes quicker now. We transitioned into beanbag math with our verse and stepped out the 3 times table forward then backwards. Miss Sky is really catching on(she has major gross motor skill issues and when we started stomping them out she had problems) so we threw the beanbag back and forth counting by 3s forwards then backwards then I asked her 9 is and she would reply 3×3. Papa had to take Little Sis into the other room and distract her by playing Hi Ho Cherry O because she has memorized counting by 3’s. This can be very frustrating at times when the 4-year-old catches on faster than the 9-year-old. I just keep my thoughts focused on how they are two VERY different children here for different reasons. Today for main lesson Miss Sky wanted to act out yesterday’s story. What started out very dramatic took a rather silly turn and before we knew it we were all laughing to the point of tears. She got the main points down anyhow. Next she drew her picture in her MLB then we looked at the book Silkworms. I thought this book was to scientific of a read for Miss Sky but the pictures are wonderful. So we just observed the life cycle of a silkworm  and I read a poem that I thought explained everything very well. I found it here http://www.suekayton.com/Silkworms/whole.htm (scroll down near bottom of page). Today for grammar Miss Sky told me what an adjective was and she copied half of this poem I found in her MLB. http://www.hslaunch.com/mypage/downloader.php?file=userfiles/200/92466489728.pdf&id=948 I found a neat site with different grammar links that could be helpful and even though it’s not Waldorf I loved the links to the old School House Rock videos. http://www.squidoo.com/grammar-for-homeschool. She practiced her memory verse then her cursive letters in corn meal.

After lunch Miss Sky read chapters 5 & 6 of Day Of The Dragon King and I read chapters 5 & 6 of Little Pear.

 Wishing Many Blessings



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