Life Of A Silkworm

Do I dare admit that last night I found myself staying up way later than I should have. I couldn’t help it I found myself caught up in Melisa’s (from A Little Garden Flower) latest radio show on Steiner’s 7 year cycles Good, good stuff but unfortunately it caused me to sleep right through my meditation time this morning.  So I quick jumped out of bed to fix myself a much-needed cup of tea and went straight to work on breakfast making bacon and eggs. One thing I was thankful for, I had tossed a chuck roast in the crock pot last night to make beef and noodles today for lunch. Which is a good thing because my mind never seems to stay focused when I don’t meditate. I find myself walking around with that “I know I’ve forgotten to do something” feeling all day. Once our morning chores were finished we started circle , penny whistle, and our usual beanbag math. Then Miss Sky recited back the life cycle of a silkworm for today’s main lesson and she drew a picture in her MLB. She also explained back to me the steps it takes to make silk and that it probably took about 1,000 silkworms to make just 1 of our playsilks. I have a feeling that this will be the last time our family buys playsilks. Next Miss Sky practiced her memory verse and practiced writing little words like mom, no, or, & pop in cursive. After lunch Miss Sky read chapters 7 &8 in The Dragon King and I read chapters 7 &8 in Little Pear and His Friends. Both of these books have inspired lots of imaginary play this past week, including The Little’s wanting me to serve dinner on the floor. I have heard a lot of criticism toward the Magic Tree House books but they have done nothing but spark many adventures around our house.

Wishing everyone a very happy Wednesday


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