There Are 60 Seconds In A Minute

Oh, it has been so nice to have the sun back these last few days. There is nothing like natures wake up call. The Little’s have noticed the days are starting to get longer again and I think all of us are looking forward to Spring. This morning I made waffles and bacon for breakfast. Today’s lunch was broccoli soup so I made sure everything was cut up and ready to go for later. Meanwhile, The Little’s got dressed and started their chores. Miss Sky is in charge of stripping the sheets from the beds and getting them started in the washer. Little Sis found everything she needed to help set the table out and waiting for her.

Once morning clean up was done I called The Little’s to circle. This weeks circle will include

We’ll All Join In A Circle

Prayer together as a family

Sing fire fairies to light the morning candle

Good Morning Dear Earth

Buenos Dias

I Can Turn Myself

Circle March

I Wake Myself

Chip Chop

Eye Tracking Poem Lovely Things (Lazy 8s)

Build A Home

Love Is A Circle fingerplay

Skinna-marinky Dinky Dink

The Love Bug fingerplay

My Valentine Heart fingerplay

Jesus  Loves Me

Miss Sky and I practiced Lesson 11 on our penny whistles. This week she is the teacher doing the call and response. I will be honest here it is a lot harder than she makes it look.

We finish our circle with the verse Warm Our Hearts O Sun and blow the morning candle out.

We transitioned into the beanbag with the verse Crick Crack Snip Snap today we tossed the beanbag first counting by 3s forwards then backward. Then we played our clapping game putting the answer to the problem. We finished by tossing the beanbag back and forth while I called the 3s table out randomly to see which ones she is stumbling over.

We are wrapping up our main lesson on time this week and Miss Sky practiced telling time all weekend. Today we talked about how there are 60 seconds in a minute. We counted to 60 while watching the second-hand to get an idea how quick a second is and then we sat quietly for one minute. I told her now when I say just a minute she should understand exactly how long that will be :). She made a page in her MLB for the second-hand.

pictures 216

Grammar today we talked about the question mark and she copied the poem down in her MLB. Then I had her circle, underline, or box the noun, verb, an adjective from the poem.

Next, she worked on memorizing the first 2 of her memory verses and she practiced the capital letters U, V, W,& X in cursive.First in the air, on the board, and then on each other’s backs.

After lunch, Miss Sky read chapter 6 of The Year Of The Panda and I read chapters 5 & 6 of Naya Nuki. She really likes this story and had me read 2 chapters over the weekend.

Hope everyone else had a happy Monday.


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