(Reminder To Self)Play Out In The Sun More

Well, I guess the sun had decided to hide beneath the clouds again which is what I wanted to do this morning but under the covers. I think a retelling of the story The Boy Who Loved Summer is in order for my spirit. I am making a note to myself, as a reminder this summer not to take the sun for granted. I never thought of myself as one “emotionally” connected with nature but the more I journey down this path the more I realize how truly connected we really are. I am making another note to myself to run around outside barefoot more often to really feel the earth beneath my feet. It’s funny, I have never been able to keep a pair of shoes on either one of The Little’s during summer, in fact, Miss Sky would not even wear a pair till she was a year old. Ok one more note to myself, learn to follow my children’s lead.

Well after realizing nothing would get done with me still in bed I woke the house up and started on breakfast. This morning I made breakfast burritos, cut up my veggies and put the pot roast in the oven for today’s lunch. After clean up, The Little’s and I started circle where I was informed that we had not made Valentine’s Day cookies yet. I took that as a hint and promptly insured the Little ones that possibly tomorrow that could be arranged.

We moved on to our penny whistle lesson and while Miss Sky was trying to stump the teacher she figured out how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and turned back around to teach me how. We moved on to the beanbag and I think we will start working on the 4 times tables next week while we keep reviewing the 3s.

We worked making more times table clocks during the main lesson for the 1s and 3s and she copied them in her MLB. She also practiced them on her multiplication board. She really likes to practice them this way waiting to see what shape they make. http://www.flickr.com/photos/24734949@N04/4347744180/

http://www.flickr.com/photos/24734949@N04/4347744172/   I also have to report Miss Sky said she had a lot of fun with this math block. Ok, this is a really big deal coming from her because she does not like math. I’ve had her keep track of what time it is when we start each new lesson making a timeline.  I also ask her questions like how many minutes did it take us to complete this?

For grammar today I introduced Miss Sky to the colon and had her copy the poem in her MLB. She then circled, underlined, and boxed in the nouns, verbs, and adjectives. She remembers the is, am, were, was, are, be, being, been song and hasn’t forgotten to underline them as verbs.

We practiced her memory verse and she almost has it memorized. She practiced writing small words with this week’s cursive letters and is very eager to start copying her lesson in cursive.

Today Miss Sky picked out Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentine to read this week and read the first 2 chapters. I read chapters 9 & 10 of Naya Nuki.

Wishing everyone many blessings.


One Response to “(Reminder To Self)Play Out In The Sun More”

  1. mamaacorn Says:

    Wise words – following my children’s lead! I need to remember that more often!

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