Manifesto # 2 Make Stuff (Or In Our Case Finish Stuff)

Yes, I am referring to Soule Mama’s Winter Manifesto to surviving the winter blues. Today the sun was back out with all its beauty and the first thing I did this morning was stand outside and feel it’s warmth upon my face. A quiet meditation under the sun. As I stood there my thoughts drifted to Spring, how it will not be much longer and I can bring my prayer and meditation back outside. There is nothing better than talking with God in the stillness of the morning surrounded by his creation. My thoughts also reminded me we had projects to complete, so this morning I took it easy on myself and made grits for breakfast. I pulled a container of sloppy joe out of the freezer for lunch to make with homemade fries. I turned this weeks cd of choice, The Arkansas Traveler music from Little House on the Prairie, on and we got down to business.

Papa and Miss Sky finished up her clock

While I played on my new present.

Oh, sweet Papa how I love you. Ok now please understand this is my first chalkboard drawing ever. I hope it will serve as a reminder of how much I’ve improved with time.

The Little’s also finished up their Candlemas project and Miss Sky worked on her multiplication board with the number 5 and made a page in her MLB.

The whole day was wrapped up with Miss Sky reading 2 more chapters from The Mushy Gushy Valentine and I feel so much better as our math block comes to a close.

Now hopefully I will have some sunshine stored up from this morning to carry into tomorrows baking and, nature table set up, and craft projects, and……….



One Response to “Manifesto # 2 Make Stuff (Or In Our Case Finish Stuff)”

  1. The Tan Family Says:

    Your chalk drawing is amazing! Love the clock, too. 🙂

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