Do You Know Why The Creator Made Us With 2 Eyes And Only One Mouth?

“It is because we always need to look twice as much as we talk.” We have really been enjoying our Native American block. It has become the focus of our days. A trip to the craft store proved this as Miss Sky spent her allowance on items to bring the stories we have been reading alive. This morning she even had Little Sis sitting on the floor telling her a story she had made up about An Native American girl and a bear while she worked on her new purchase.

Miss Sky has really enjoyed making pot holders and is working on making herself a purse. Little Sis on the other hand is feeling rather small that she couldn’t  make one and went off to make her some dolls to play with while I fixed breakfast.

Yesterday Miss Sky made a page in her MLB for the Seminole’s homes and I started The book Children of the Longhouse by Joseph Bruchac. Today we stayed with the same school rhythm as Monday and Miss Sky has been practicing her times tables on her multiplication board. Today for main lesson we talked about the plains Indian shelter’s and she made a page in her MLB

 Miss Sky has been finding the nouns, verbs, and adjectives in her copy work and I think we will start focusing on her writing her own sentences for grammar. We will pick up working with the rest of the parts of speech next year. Miss Sky has also been copying sentences off the board I have written out in cursive.

Today Miss Sky read chapter 3 from Lewis and Clark and Me and I read chapters 3 & 4 of Children of the Longhouse while Miss Sky worked on making an “eye of God” for our seasonal table You can find instructions here

Now back to our adventures.

Wishing everyone many warm blessings.


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