Stitching Time

This morning I woke to find Miss Sky awake in her bed working on her potholder loom. I think she fell asleep with it. We now have 3 lovely wool potholders for our kitchen. Little Sis again feeling small wanted to make “something” so I pulled out the burlap and yarn and showed her how to stitch I knew nothing else would do. She is a very determined little girl, I don’t know where she gets it from :).

This made her feel much better. This morning’s breakfast consisted of left overs on account of errand day. Once home we gathered for prayer and a few verses and started main lesson. Today we talked about the Hopi and the pueblo Indians of the southwest and Miss Sky made a page in her MLB. Then we talked about Kachinas and how the Hopi believe they are powerful spirits and perform dances that talk to the spirits asking for rain to help crops grow or drive away sickness. We decided to look at what resources we had on hand to make a doll of our own.

We worked while listening to American Indian Fairy Tales I found on audiobook and this time Little Sis joined in on the stitching fun. Meet Sunshine and Clouds In The Sky. I am sure they have “many ” stories of their own to share.



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