Anohter One Bites The Dust

Oh yeah how good it feels to have another block wrapped up. I don’t like leaving blocks unfinished and I feel one less thing nagging in the back of my mind. Today I decided to do something a little different. After breakfast we bundled up and had our circle outside. It was so cute hearing Little Sis sing Frosty The Snowman while Miss Sky and her rolled the snow into balls.

Once rosy-cheeked The Little’s came in and warmed by the fire while Miss Sky worked on a word search. Papa also had some math problems written out for her to work on . For main lesson we talked about the Shoshone’s brush huts and Miss Sky made a page in her MLB . While Miss Sky looked back through her MLB she said “Mom isn’t it amazing how the Native Americans used the resources from their surroundings to make houses?” A big smile came across my face as I answered her. She had “gotten” the lesson. That’s the thing about Waldorf Education your not filling buckets with endless facts . You are feeding their souls, allowing them to become free thinkers. The joy that comes across her face when she figures something out for herself is priceless.

Miss Sky worked on her memory verse then practiced writing sentences in cursive.  We finished up the lesson making a paper tepee.

I would have liked to spend more time on this project but we must be moving on. Next week we will be talking about the fibers leather and cotton since the Hopi also grew it and I think that will wrap up another block as well :).

Wishing everyone a great weekend.


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