That’s Using Your Brain

Well it is Monday again. Yesterday I spent much time researching today’s lesson. I couldn’t help it, I became fascinated with my study. Having a grandfather who is very in touch with his Cherokee heritage I was raised always having the most respect for the Native American culture. Now that I am older ,and would like to say much wiser ,I truly can appreciate how smart the Native Americans really are not to mention they are totally Waldorf. Learning through imitation, storytelling, age appropriate tasks. Between our visit to the museum and all of yesterdays research on tanned buffalo robes my respect has broadened (if that could be possible). Today Papa made pancakes and bacon for breakfast as I finished preparing this weeks lessons. I am in a kitchen slump as our ingredients become bare. I have even found myself strolling down the middle isles of the store for ideas. After clean up I called the Little’s to circle with We’ll All Join In A Circle and continued with the rest of this weeks songs. I changed things around a bit this time to make room for more tongue twisters.

Good Morning Dear Earth

I Can Turn Myself

Chip Chop

Lovely Things eye tracking verse

Head and Shoulders song

Little Brown Bulbs (Mrs. Johnson’s winter circle verses)

The Bear Went Over The Mountain song

Ten Fingers fingerplay

Open Shut fingerplay

Tongue Twisters

We will be working on Lesson 12 this week with our penny whistles and today Miss Sky figured out how to play Mary Had A Little Lamb. We transitioned into beanbag with Crick Crack Snippy Snap and we stomped and clapped out the 4 times table.

Today’s main lesson was all about the fiber leather. I decided to bring it from the Native Americans perspective and I talked about the many steps it takes to tan skins. I explained that leather is probably the oldest of all the fibers and some of its many  uses. Last night I told the story of The Elves and the Shoemaker for bedtime and used this story to jump into the discussion of the ways we can use leather today. I used this chart to talk about how the Native Americans use every part of the buffalo including the brains for hide preparation and even the dung .

This week in place of grammar I am having Miss Sky work on word searches and she will continue to find the parts of speech she has learned in her copywork.

This is the last week for her to practice her memory verses and I have been writing sentences on the board in cursive for her to copy practicing her cursive.

We finished the day with Miss Sky reading chapters 4 & 5 of Lewis and Clark and Me and I read chapter 5 of Children of the Longhouse. This story fits perfectly into this years studies and is very Waldorf.

Happy Monday


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    Thank you for sharing your lessons.
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