Oh I Wish I Was In The Land Of Cotton

Because maybe (I say maybe) it is not snowing there. Though I might have found an answer to my breakfast boredom. I was really excited that the author of my most treasured cookbook, Feeding The Whole Family, made a video on how to make sauerkraut. Now she has given me a recipe to have it for breakfast (Yeah). http://www.cookusinterruptus.com/blog/?p=877 I can’t wait to try either of these recipes. I mean who wouldn’t like pounding their fist in a big pot filled with cabbage? 🙂 This morning I settled on making cinnamon muffins for breakfast and put my spaghetti sauce in the crock pot for today’s lunch. We started our circle after morning clean up and this weeks circle really has the Little’s moving. We set up a mini obstacle course that has the Little’s marching up and around the couch while singing The Bear Went Over The Mountain. We practiced on our penny whistles and stomped and clapped out the 4 times table.

Yesterday for main lesson Miss Sky demonstrated how to tan a buffalo robe the way she learned from her great, great, great-grandmother many moons ago. I wish I could write the name she has given herself but I can’t spell it let alone pronounce it. She then made a picture for her MLB. http://www.flickr.com/photos/24734949@N04/4385430489/ We also made our handwork projects using the fiber leather. http://www.flickr.com/photos/24734949@N04/4385431209/ We used the instructions found from Kids Craft Weekly . http://www.kidscraftweekly.com/pirates2_issue.html We made #4 the pirate money pouch but used suede and leather cord. I had to make Little Sis’s pouch from felt ,somehow I forgot to purchase enough suede to make 2. Big mistake on my part but I think the tomahawk might have made up for it. So today Miss Sky copied the steps down in her MLB and we moved on to the fiber cotton. I used this site to gather information from. http://www.cottonsjourney.com/Storyofcotton/default.asp This site has a story as well as great pictures. http://www.cotton.org/pubs/cottoncounts/story/index.cfm We talked about how not only is cotton a fiber but it can also be made into cottonseed oil and used as animal feed. We talked about how hard it must  have been to be bent over in the fields all day plucking each piece by hand. We also talked how important the invention of the cotton gin was and went through the house on a cotton scavenger hunt.

Miss Sky has her memory verse memorized and is ready to present it Friday. She has been practicing her cursive and is having trouble with some of the lower case letters.

We finished the day with Miss Sky reading chapters 7 &8 of Lewis and Clark and Me and I read chapters 7 & 8 of Children of the Longhouse. Also for the last to nights ( and probably tonight as well) I have read The Girl Who Loves Wild Horses by Paul Goble for our bedtime story.

Wishing everyone a warm Wednesday.


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