Preparing For A Road Trip

Oh I have been enjoying waking up to the sun these last few days, and finally there is a hint of green starting to show itself from underneath the snow. It’s just the reminder our family needed , that soon spring will be here. Papa and I have been spending our evenings going over our garden plans for this year ,and neither one of us can wait to get out there and get our hands dirty. Until then a day trip is just what this family needs to beat the winter blues. First though I needed to bring my  focus back to today. I made biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs for breakfast with the help of The Arkansas Traveler playing in the background. This and Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf have been in rotation all week. After morning clean up we gathered for a short circle and Miss Sky presented her memory verse to Papa and I. She did so well with no hesitation. Then she practiced her times tables on her multiplication board.

Yesterday for main lesson Miss Sky told me all about the fiber cotton and she drew a picture in her MLB. Today she wrote the summary in her MLB .

Yesterday Miss Sky finished Lewis and Clark and Me and today I finished Children of the Longhouse. These were two great stories and even Little Sis listened in to the Longhouse story to see how it ended.

Then we got started preparing our snacks for our road trip. Since our family does not support the fast food industry it takes a little planning on our part to make sure we take with us plenty of snacks to keep from getting hungry. Since we will be heading out to Amish country for the maple syrup festival I thought it would only be fitting to center today’s recipes around that ingredient. I pulled out two of our favorite snack recipes from Feeding The Whole Family. First up oatmeal chocolate chip walnut cookies.

Miss Sky is becoming very confident in the kitchen needing me only to supervise. She measured out all the ingredients while Little Sis mixed.The best part of making these cookies is you get to shape them out in your hands. We made a double batch using white chocolate chips in one for Mama who sadly can not eat chocolate. Next up was maple glazed nuts. I have to make a double batch of these as well because they never stick around long. Now to add some sandwiches and carrot sticks to the list and we are all set to go.

Today wrapped up our block on fibers. Next week I will be telling the story How Gluskabe Changes Maple syrup.

Wishing everyone a very happy weekend.


One Response to “Preparing For A Road Trip”

  1. mamaacorn Says:

    Enjoy your roadtrip! It sounds like a great festival!

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