Gluskabe Changes Maple Syrup

The only downside to a day trip is trying to get back into the swing of things come Monday. At least I woke up ready for today’s story and worked my way into the kitchen to make breakfast. Of course, everyone was excited to use our new syrup so I obliged and made waffles and sausage patties. I made sure to have all my veggies cut up and ready to go for today’s tuna noodle casserole lunch. As we ate breakfast we had a very interesting conversation about the Amish. We ran across quite a few in horse and buggy at the festival and Miss Sky was all questions. This, of course, led into a conversation of being able to live without “luxuries”, which led right back to our Native American studies. The changes in Miss Sky this year are now very noticeable by all including Big Sister (wink, wink). We all of a sudden find ourselves having to work really hard to keep her out of our conversations. After our morning chores, I gathered The Little’s to circle keeping last weeks list.

We’ll All Join In A Circle

Good Morning Dear Earth

I Can Turn Myself

I Wake Myself

Chip Chop

Lovely Things (eye tracking )

Head and Shoulders song

Today I read the poem March from A Child’s Calendar

Little Brown Bulbs verse(We have to do this one about 3 times)

The Bear Went Over The Mountain

Ten Fingers fingerplay

Ending with tongue twisters

We transitioned into the beanbag with Marsha Johnson’s verse Puddles. We use the actions of the song Father Abraham adding a new movement every 2 lines. Next, we stomped out the 4 times table going round in a circle and once we reached 48 we counted back down while stomping backward. We started lesson 13 with our penny whistles and Miss Sky is really excited to know how to play Happy Birthday.

Today’s main lesson I told the story of How Gluskabe Changes Maple Syrup. I found 2 stories I could have used but I feel this one fit more with my daughter’s temperament.

Here is another tale How The Native Americans discovered syrup.

I uncovered my chalkboard drawing.

pictures 360

I am still working with my camera to get the picture to show better. The sun has been hiding again so I either have a glare or the picture is too dark.

We are back to spelling again and I gave Miss Sky this weeks list.
















We marched forwards and backward while spelling them out then Miss Sky copied them twice in her MLB. She told me what part of speech each of them was then she moved on to practicing her cursive.

After lunch we finished up the day with Miss Sky reading half of Three Little Indians, books for young explorers and I read the first 2 chapters of Vostass White Buffalo’s Story of Plains Indian Life.


Happy Monday


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