The Three Sisters

This morning I woke to a familiar sound. Our cardinal friend was out singing his song. Miss Sky has noticed the return of the geese and has learned from her Native American tales that Mr. Robin will be next. She mentioned to Papa they better get started on their woodworking project soon. They are building a bird house for our little sparrow friends that lost their home when part of our tree fell down over the summer. This week I have been taking inventory of our food supplies and have been trying to get creative in finding ways to use them up. This morning I made apple butter muffins for breakfast. These were a big hit. Yesterday I soaked some navy beans and put them in the crock pot to cook overnight making chipotle navy bean soup for lunch (Oh my this was SO good). I made maple cornbread and baked it with the muffins this morning and had the days meals done. I actually got to sit down and drink my tea this morning before clean up. After circle time and beanbag it was time for main lesson. Yesterday Miss Sky wanted to act out our story. She was Gluskabe and Little Sis and I played the part of the overly content natives who abandoned our village. Then she drew a picture in her MLB. Today I had her come up with a brief summary all on her own. She wrote it out first on the board and we corrected any mistakes and she copied it into her lesson book. I then told the story of the Three Sisters.

Yesterday I gave Miss Sky her list of vocabulary words.











She looked up the first 5 in the dictionary and today she looked up the rest. Yesterday she alphabetized her spelling words and today she practiced spelling them with bananagrams.

Yesterday Miss Sky finished Three Little Indians and today she read The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush by Tomie dePaola and I read chapter 4 and half of chapter 5 of Vostass White Buffalo’s Story.



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