Thoughts Of Spring

It sure has felt good to see the sun these last few days. We spent the majority of yesterday outside soaking it in. Yes I think that spring is finally on its way. Papa has been out in the garage working again , The Little’s have noticed the buds on the trees and I have found myself making a check list of supplies getting ready for spring cleaning. My thoughts are filled with spring breezes blowing through open windows, the scent of fresh flowers soon to be waking up, and the feel of the earth between my fingers. What an exciting time ,but there is still much to do indoors right now like breakfast. This morning Papa made omelets with toast and Miss Sky and I started our chores.

We started our school day with a small circle joining together as a family to welcome the morning and say prayer. Then it was time for Miss Sky to take her spelling test or her check in point. To me it is more about her learning the word attach skills earlier in the week and how to sound out words then how she does on a test. Yesterday I printed a word search puzzle with her spelling words and see this is an area that she really needs to work on.

Yesterday Miss Sky told me the story of The Three Sisters and she came up with the picture to draw. We drew side by side while she gave me the instuctions. I think she likes the idea of telling Mama what to do a little too much but we had fun. Today she came up with her summary.

Today for lunch we made Three Sisters Stew.

We used butternut squash and lima beans. If this was not delicious enough we also made Indian fry bread. I have to say that each one of us has a burnt tongue where we could not let them cool fast enough. We ate some plain , we rolled some in cinnamon sugar, and dusted the rest with powdered sugar. I feel like the overly content natives from our maple syrup story.

With bellies full I finished up Vostaas White Buffalo’s Story of Plains Indian Life and this will conclude our Native American block.

Next week we will start another math block. I am combining money and dry and liquid measurements together.

Wishing everyone a very happy weekend.


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