Brownies and Monopoly

I am so glad we took advantage of the sunshine while we could because the weekend sure turned out to be rainy.  For breakfast Papa made egg sandwiches and after a short circle Miss Sky took her spelling test earning herself an extra $5 this week. We have been practicing counting out correct change this week and yesterday I read the poem Smart by Shel Silverstein while Miss Sky acted the verses out. Then we ventured into the kitchen for our baking day. The Little’s have been requesting brownies for weeks and since we wouldn’t be able to head outside anytime soon I agreed it was a perfect day to make them. For starters we made triple chocolate brownies . Then we made maple nut brownies because why shouldn’t Mama get to enjoy some too. Miss Sky finished reading Tecumseh while our brownies cooled and I brought out the monopoly game. It didn’t take long for Miss Sky to catch on.

In fact if you look closely at her property you can see it didn’t take her long at all(all the hotels and houses belong to her),before we knew it Papa and I found ourselves bankrupt. Well at least the brownies were good. 🙂

Next week we will be working with dry and liquid measurements.

Wishing everyone a great weekend.


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