Rotate and Evaluate

I have to say that today’s activities did not go according to plan. Instead they unfolded all by themselves. I had our St. Patrick’s day festivities all ready. This morning The Little’s woke to find St Patrick in the center of the table surrounded by a green silk. See everything he passes by turns to green getting the earth ready for Mother Nature and her root children to make their entrance. While fixing breakfast I told the story of the valiant prince that saved a woman from drowning and in return she told him about the magical stone that lay at the very top of her castle.  Whoever kisses this stone is given the gift of extraordinary speech. I of course have part of this special stone ( better known as the blarney stone ) that we each take turns kissing. After breakfast I prepared the traditional shepherds pie with lamb bought from the farmers market while Papa and the Little’s took advantage of the beautiful weather we have been blessed with. Papa wanted to estimate about how much firewood we went through this winter and I found this to be a perfect learning opportunity.

 First we straightened up the wood pile rotating the old, making room for the newer cut wood we have “seasoning “behind the garage. I explained to Miss Sky what volume was and we talked about how we measured the liquid volume of containers yesterday. I told her how in old testament times they used plant seeds to find out how big a container was and counted them out to see how much it would hold. I told her today we were going to measure dry volume. I explained to her how firewood was measured by cords and using a tape measure we measured out a cord in the yard.

Using these measurements we estimated how much wood we thought we had left. We came inside and Miss Sky made a picture in her MLB. After lunch I told the story of St. Patrick from our book of saints and we put St. Patrick on our seasonal table replacing King Winter. We decided we needed to make a bird for the seasonal table so I got the beeswax out. Miss Sky made the bird , I made the nest , and Little Sis made the eggs while listening to the story of the Sea Maiden on audiobook #17.

The day actually turned out better than what I had planned. Sometimes it’s good to just let things happen on their own.

Hope everyone else had a great St. Patrick’s day.


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