A Lesson From Mother Nature

Well I couldn’t help myself. Three days in a row surely my fortune would not last. I had to take advantage of the sunshine while I could. So today we spent the entire day outdoors and guess what we learned a thing or two as well. We found out that our friend Chip the woodpecker is really Mrs. Chip as she blessed us with a closer look. We found out she is a Downy woodpecker (thanks to our Golden Guide book of Birds) only the males have the red spot on the back of their head. Miss Sky found a really cool snail-shell while her and Little Sis were digging in the ground. We found out that snails are both male and female, I sure did not know that. http://www.somers.k12.ny.us/SIS/MAIN/sis/research/gr.3research/snails/snailquestions.html

But don’t get me wrong there were plenty of adventures too.

It feels SO good to be able to spend our days outdoors again.

Yea For Spring !!!!!!


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