More Capacity and Volume

Today my pioneer family paid a visit to the general store, aka the supermarket, we needed some supplies. So this morning was a quick breakfast of grits and we loaded the family up in our wagon, I mean van and headed out. Once home we unloaded the goods and Miss Sky took her spelling test. I gave her an option to take it this week as we only went over her list twice . If she passed she wouldn’t have to take a test next week. She chose to take it and looks like there will be no spelling next week. We went right into today’s main lesson. For starters we did a little experiment measuring volume.

I set out a few different size containers and asked Miss Sky to put them in the order she thought was the smallest to the largest. Next I filled all of them with water and had Miss Sky measure out how much each container held to see if she was right. She found out some containers held the same amount even if it was taller.  I explained the difference between liquid and dry measuring cups and we measured to see how many cups were in a 5 LB bag of flour. Yesterday I made the starter dough for today’s bread baking project. Miss Sky measured out almost 14 cups of flour and we figured out how many loaves of bread we could make with a 5 LB bag of flour. Miss Sky made a page in her MLB. While we waited for our bread to rise Miss Sky finished reading Third Grade Detectives and I finished Om-kas-toe. The only thing left was to enjoy our fresh-baked bread still warm from the oven with some homemade butter. 🙂

Wishing everyone a happy weekend.


One Response to “More Capacity and Volume”

  1. MamaAcorn Says:

    Oh, I adore her picture! Too sweet!

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