Happy Spring !!!!

Despite the fact that today it is cold (40) and rainy I am floating on cloud nine from the beautiful weekend we had. The weather was perfect for the first day of spring. I put away all of the winter books and brought out the spring ones. The Little’s wake to find the seasonal table changed and as with every season they found their new spring story at the front of the basket waiting for them. This time though as they climb into bed with me, the request is to read the favorite story first. It seems only fitting that The Story of the Root Children is read first to welcome in spring. Now if storytime in bed snuggled up close to my little ones is not enough to make a day great, Goodwill had their 50% off sell this weekend as well. I always find some real treasures for the upcoming school year but this time I struck gold (have I mentioned I love books). Ok really what could be left to make my day any better. Well sauerkraut that’s what, yup I tried Mrs. Lair’s recommendation and had the sauerkraut and egg sandwich. Oh I was in heaven. I can now eat my comfort food whenever I want without putting the rest of my family out. So bring on the rain because I am walking on sunshine.

Today we had pancakes and sausage patties for breakfast and I put extra baked potatos on the grill over the weekend for today’s lunch.  After our morning chores I called The Little’s to circle. This weeks circle is:

We’ll All Join In A Circle

Good Morning Dear Earth

I Can Turn Myself

I Wake Myself

Chip Chop

Lovely Things (eye tracking verse)

I Love You A Bushel And A Peck

Little Peter Rabbit Had A Fly Up On His Ear

The Itsy Bitsy Spider fingerplay

Little Bunny Foo Foo

Raindrops fingerplay

I also read Snowman from Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein

We skipped ahead for our penny whistle lesson today learning the song It’s raining, It’s Pouring it just sort of fit the mood. We transitioned into beanbag with Marsha Johnson’s verse puddles and tossed the beanbag to the 4 times table. We also did our clapping game putting the answer to the equation.

For main lesson today it was time for my pioneer family to make soap. Since this was a project Miss Sky and I would be working on I chose to use soap flakes instead of mixing lye. First we broke 1 cup down into parts. Miss Sky knew the measuring cups already from our weekly baking days but today she spent time learning exactly how many fourths make 1 cup.Using the soap flakes she took turns with each measuring cup seeing how many times it took to fill up 1 cup and made a note for her MLB.Then we got started making our soap. I am using the recipe from here http://down—to—earth.blogspot.com/2007/07/rebatching-soap.html. Thanks to Mama Acorn’s heads up on the difference in buttermilk, I used the left over milk from butter making in our soap. We patted the mixture down into 2 mini bread pans and made an estimate on how many bars we think we made.

We will have to wait until tomorrow before we can cut them out and see. Miss Sky made a page in her MLB . http://www.flickr.com/photos/18345185@N04/4455204577/ 

There is no spelling this week so I wrote half of the poem Enter This Deserted House ,from Where The Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein, on the board for Miss Sky to copy in cursive. We will be using this poem to review the parts of speech we have studied.

We wrapped up the day with Miss Sky reading ,one of my Goodwill finds , chapters 1&2 of The Jewel Kingdom 1 by Jahnna N. Malcolm and I read the first 3 chapters of Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder.


Wishing all a very happy Monday


One Response to “Happy Spring !!!!”

  1. mamaacorn Says:

    What a great project! Can’t wait to see how the soap turns out!

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