Don’t Cut The Cheese, Please

As our block on dry and liquid measurement comes to a close my pioneer family had one more thing on the to do list. This morning I made maple nut bread for breakfast and while it baked I took to my favorite spot for prayer and meditation. I ran this block through my mind seeing if I was happy with the way everything went. This was actually the hardest block I have put together so far. I was just not feeling it and to be honest I just let it work itself out. To me the learning happens the more you work with money and measurement. I know Miss Sky will get better with these as she grows and I feel pretty good with the way the whole block came together. I went ahead and put my spaghetti sauce on the stove to simmer and made my meatballs to be ready for today’s lunch.

I called The Little’s for circle then we practiced on our penny whistle’s. We moved into beanbag this time really focusing on putting the whole to the part for the 4 times table.

I have been giving Miss Sky 10 math problems daily to work out and she has moved on to carrying and borrowing in the hundreds. I am so proud of her. Math has really been a struggle for her and this year I have seen huge improvements. I actually almost cried today when we were doing her main lesson and asked if 4 TBSP = 1 fourth of a cup then how many TBSP do you think it takes to make 1 cup. She answered 16 , she figured it out all by herself. Anyway today it was time for my pioneer family to make cream cheese. First we broke down a tablespoon and played around with the measuring spoons. Then Miss Sky measured out the yogurt for our cheese.

We are using a simple recipe, just letting the yogurt drain overnight. By morning we should have cream cheese. I want to try making cheese using the recipe with milk and vinegar next. Then Miss Sky made a page in her MLB.

Miss Sky finished copying the poem from yesterday in cursive and I cut our soap into 8 bars. Our estimate was correct.

Now they have to dry for about a week. We finished school with Miss Sky reading chapters 3 & 4 from The Jewel Kingdom and I read to chapter 7 of Farmer Boy.

Tomorrow I will be putting Miss Sky to the test to see how I did this block. 🙂



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