“I Did Great Making A Chocolate Cake”

Besides a couple a games I have planned for tomorrow, today was Miss Sky’s “final exam” on part 1 of her measurement block. Time to put her knowledge to a test. She was more nervous than I thought she would be but besides being a sloppy cook she did great. Papa celebrated his birthday this week and it was only fitting that Miss Sky got to bake him a cake. This has been a staple birthday cake for quite a while and it is completely dairy free.http://www.recipezaar.com/Six-Minute-Chocolate-Cake-133387 We have never tried it with icing. The only thing I helped Miss Sky with was getting all the ingredients down. She preheated the oven , greased the dish , and measured everything out herself.

I had Miss Sky write down the recipe in her very own recipe book that we will be adding to over time. She was really excited to be making a cookbook of her own. I think it felt like a rite of passage in a way.

While the cake cooled she practiced her times tables on her multiplication board ,this time adding the 4s. We read more chapters from our books and after lunch The Little’s tore into the chocolate cake and replied “This is the best chocolate cake ever.” As for our cream cheese it turned out great and was only missing one thing.

Bagels. 2 cups yogurt made 1 cup of the best cream cheese I have ever tasted. I have to say for not really looking forward to starting this block I sure enjoyed how it ended.



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