Between Heaven And Earth

“We stand on the edge of the universe and our own creation” 

I can not believe it. It doesn’t even sound right to say fourth grader. No way how can that be possible. Well since there is no getting around it I thought I would post my findings on what I have learned so far about my soon to be fourth grader. I will start by saying this is all new territory for me. I went to a Catholic school as a child and they most certainly did not teach us about Norse Gods let alone the human and animal world. I have been enjoying my reasearch though and it most definitely looks to be another very exciting year.

What I have learned is that the Vikings and zoology do not play a role in next years studies. It is all about the stories of the Gods (and their mischief) and the human being and the animal world is much more about us, our capacities and the three and fourfold human being (Head, Trunk, and Limbs). “We introduce the animals so that students can recognize that each animal is a reflection of one aspect of the human being” Roberto Trostli. I really love this as it counters out Darwinism. I am reading a very interesting book called The Human Being and the Animal World by Roy Wilkinson. In it  explains Steiner’s ideas on evolution and the threefold human being, I really recommend it. Steiner also talks about this in his Kingdom of Childhood lecture number 3. Other books I am using in my research are The Rhythms of Learning by Roberto Trostli,some parts of this book can be found on-line at google books, and I love School As A Journey by Torin M Finser. Mr. Finser has recommended the reading of chapter 10 from Steiner’s Study of Man lecture.  Of course there are Mrs. Johnson’s files from Waldorf  Home Educators yahoo group as well.

Other things taught in fourth grade are geography, fractions, decimals, long division, composition, spelling, the 9 parts of speech, and string instruments. Handwork is counted cross stitch, penmanship , the diatonic flute, and clay sculpture. Something else geared towards the end of this year , on a more personal female note, is the moon cycle ceremony.

As far as Beowulf I found the Dragon Slayer by Rosemary Sutcliff at my Goodwill sale but am having second thoughts. I have always stood behind if a child is not ready for the original script then it is better to wait. I do not believe in watered down or abridged versions of anything so I will just have to listen to my heart on this one when the time comes.

I have also learned that geography starts from the schoolroom and works its way out from the front door. Neighborhood, town, city, state.

I am still in the learning process of all this and don’t plan to make my outline until this summer but do plan to update my notes as I gather more information.

Other than that I am really enjoying my spring break and have been keeping myself very busy. 🙂



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