Week In Review

Boy you know you are Waldorf when…. your children would rather spend their allowance on things to make *their *own toys instead of buying them from a store :).

This week we took our time easing back into our school rhythm. No main lesson just spent the week reviewing math, practicing cursive , and lots of reading. For starters  Miss Sky planted some wheat grass for our spring nature table.

She made sure it stayed watered and got enough sunlight . The eggs are a handwork project from last year. I enjoyed pulling them out and seeing how much her skills have improved this year. We practiced counting money , telling time while playing store and Miss Sky opened her very own savings account. There was lots of playing Little Sis’s new favorite game Go Fish too.

Miss Sky worked on math problems using carrying and borrowing and she practiced her times tables on her math board. She has her 4’s down and made a page in her MLB. http://www.flickr.com/photos/18345185@N04/4506579482/

Miss Sky finished reading The Jewel Kingdom. This story was a big hit full of gnomes, princess, and dragons. I am really sad this series is no longer in print. She read 4 other stories she picked out as well. I read up to chapter 16 of Farmer Boy. I have to say we are loving this story and decided today for our baking project we should make donuts like Almanzo’s mom using this recipe . http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/001561.html

Ok they would be baked not fried , and round not twisted but  sadly we ran out of eggs so we decided to make Native American fry bread again instead.

This turned out to be a pretty good substitute.

Not bad for slowly getting back into our grove.

Next week we will be dipping back into our Old Testament block picking up with the story of Joseph.

Wishing everyone a very happy weekend.


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